Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

Pre Planning

More and more families today are choosing to make their cemetery arrangement in advance of need primarily because it helps eliminate many of the problems that often occur at a time of death.

Over the Span of Our Lives
We plan for many things.   We plan our families.   We plan for our children’s educations and weddings. We plan for vacations and our retirement.  We plan because planning provides peace of mind.

We Usually Prepare for the Possible
We have fire insurance because we might have a fire.   We have auto and theft insurance because of what might someday happen.  We have hospital insurance and other types of protection because of what might someday happen.
All these forms of protection are important and make good sense to provide them for our families.  Since planning for the possible makes good sense, so does planning for something that we all know is going to happen.

Doesn’t it Make Sense to Prepare for the Inevitable?
Our profession shows that historically men die before women. In about 67% of the time the men die first.  That simply means that the majority of the time it is the wife or children that have to make these difficult decisions.
Also, when important decisions are not taken care of ahead of time, doubt and confusion can cloud the decision making process, not to mention the rising cost and immediate financial aspects of making these decision at such a trying time.

Advance Planning is as Simple as 1, 2, and 3
When it comes to making your plans in advance, there are three simple steps that we can help you with, organizing your vital information, determining the type of permanent memorization, and selecting your financial options.

Step 1 – Organize Vital Information
At a time of need, important documents, papers, and information you haven’t used in years will be needed and many of them within a matter of hours.  So not only is it important to review your important documents, to be sure they are up to date, but it is also important that the appropriate people know where they are located.

In an effort to help you get your “house in order,” All Faiths Cemetery can provide you with an Personal Information Reference Guide.  This uncomplicated and easy to use booklet can be of great help to you or a trusted member of your family during a very difficult time.  Our representatives can show you how this book can provide important information to help your family make things somewhat easier on perhaps the most difficult day of their life in just a few minutes.

This book is a place to record important information and documents that will be needed when a death occurs.  Completing this book will be a gift of love for your family.

Step 2 – Determine the Type of Permanent Memorialization

There are three types of options for permanent memorialization today, ground burial, cremation memorialization, and above-ground entombment.

Today more and more families are selecting the convenience of above ground mausoleum entombment.  Mausoleum entombment has, for thousands of years, been a preferred type of burial because of its beauty, permanence and the fact that it has its own venting systems, which allows for a clean, dry burial.

Step 3 – Select the Location and Financial Options
All Faiths Cemetery offers a number of different products for each type of memorialization and has a large number of financing options.

Let Us Help You Make Decisions – Together
With no advantages to be gained by waiting, only higher cost and confusion, millions of families are making the choice to plan in advance of need.
With everything in your favor, the best selection, the opportunity to make the decision together, the assurance your wishes will be known, and the ability to stop the raising cost.   You not only secure these advantages, but you also get the best advantage of all, peace of mind in knowing that you have made the decision together and that you have taken the burden off the ones you love.

We encourage you to speak with one of our All Faiths Cemetery representatives, see the grounds and facilities, and discuss the benefits of advance planning. (Please call: 718 821-1750 or 1)