Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

Annual Care

The Terms “Care”, “Annual Care” and “Seasonal Care” are used interchangeably and shall mean the mowing of grass on graves or plots a minimum of four times per year at periodic intervals beginning in April and ending in October, trimming plants, pruning of shrubs in the spring and fall, and the removal of debris. Care shall not be pro-rated. This charge must be renewed and prepaid annually in accordance with the charges posted and in effect for that year. Such payment shall not include the replacement of any shrubs, flowers, plants, sodding or re-sodding of any grave or plot.

Perpetual / Endowed Care

  1. An endowment is given to the Cemetery to maintain a plot or a grave in accordance with the provisions of the Law. If the endowment proves to be insufficient over time, reduced care or maintenance may be necessary.
  2. The Cemetery will accept a grave or plot under Perpetual Care after it has been inspected and found to be in acceptable condition. A written estimate will be provided together with notification should any work be required.
  3. Once the grave or plot has been placed under Perpetual Care, the principle amount (endowment) is invested in securities which are legal for Trust Funds according to the Laws of the State of New York. The principal amount remains invested as long as the Trust Funds exists. Only the income on the principal amount is used to care for and maintain the grave or plot.
  4. Under Perpetual Care, it remains the responsibility of the Cemetery to maintain the grave or plot subject, however, to weather conditions and income to the Fund. The monetary responsibility of the Cemetery is clearly defined in the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York. Briefly, the Law states that the Cemetery shall not be responsible to do any work that exceeds the income derived from the Fund.
  5. Under Perpetual Care, all graves and plots are maintained on a regular basis during the growing season. Planting is done during the spring and fall months. Sodding is done in the fall.
  6. The Cemetery will not plant or sod during the summer months or when weather conditions are inclement. The Cemetery will not perform any work costing more than the amount currently available (income) in the individual Perpetual Care account.
  7. All work performed under Perpetual Care is done at the discretion of management.
  8. All records of the Perpetual Care Fund are maintained on an annual calendar year basis. Statements of individual Perpetual Care accounts will be provided upon written request to the office of the Cemetery.
  9. All amounts quoted for Perpetual Care endowments are minimum amounts. The Cemetery will not accept less than the quoted amount, even when devised in a Last Will and Testament. Families are encouraged to provide a greater amount so that the increased income to the Fund will provide additional monies for continued care and maintenance.
  10. Additional deposits to existing Perpetual Care accounts may be made at any time. Interest earned on new principal deposited to the Fund will be pro-rated for the annual period in which it is received.
  11. The Cemetery will issue a Perpetual Care Trust Fund Receipt to acknowledge monies deposited to the Perpetual Care Fund in accordance with the Laws of the State of New York.
  12. The Cemetery will accept monthly installments for the payment of Perpetual Care. Information will be provided by the Cemetery office for the Time Payment program.